Need a New Set of Keys?

Need a New Set of Keys?

We'll make new car keys for you!

No one likes dealing with lost car keys or fobs. Fortunately, Hooker Recovery has the solution. We can repair or replace broken, lost and stolen keys for vehicle owners in the Greenville and Farmersville, TX area. Our team replaces keys like a dealership would without the dealership prices. You'll have a new set of keys that'll get you back on the road in no time.

Don't panic when your key breaks. Give us 30-45 minutes and we'll make you a new key or fob today.

Trust our car key expert

Wondering how we create new car keys like a dealership? The secret comes from the in-house key machine we use for the replica process:

  • We connect the machine to run a diagnostic
  • The diagnostic turns your vehicle on and off repeatedly
  • We take the current key and put the information into the computer

After these steps, the machine is ready to copy, duplicate or repair broken keys. We're able to make as many keys as you want if you need spares.

Get a new set of keys or fobs today by calling 469-406-4390.